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Established in 2016, Hangover Lounge Bali proudly holds the position as Bali’s pioneering destination exclusively dedicated to the administration of IV vitamin therapy. Our primary mission is clear – to swiftly rehydrate you and rejuvenate your overall well-being in under 60 minutes, offering a perfect solution for Bali’s fast-paced lifestyle.

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Why We're the Premier Choice

Unmatched Experience and Expertise: With over seven years at the forefront, Hangover Lounge Bali is renowned for its unmatched experience. Our highly skilled medical team, comprising licensed Physicians and Nurse Practitioners, is well-versed in delivering swift and effective treatment tailored to your specific needs. Over the years, we've become Bali's undisputed first choice for revitalizing therapies.

A Commitment to Excellence: Our dedication to excellence isn't just a slogan; it's a commitment. We use only the highest-grade compounds in our infusions, ensuring that quality isn't just a feature but a promise. Our experienced medical professionals work relentlessly to guarantee you receive the best care possible.

Seamlessly Comfortable: Your comfort is paramount in our eyes. We've perfected our procedures to prioritize a seamless and comfortable experience, acknowledging that you are enjoying your time in the heart of a tropical paradise.

Flexible Choices: We believe in offering you choices. You can choose to visit our modern clinic at your convenience, or you can opt for a unique experience. Our mobile services bring our treatments to your villa, enabling you to savor every moment of your Bali experience while undergoing revitalizing treatments.

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Our Comprehensive Treatments

Hangover Recovery: Whether it's the 'morning-after' you dread or a heavy party night, our treatments will swiftly revive your vitality and help you bounce back faster.

Health and Wellness Boosters: For those seeking a general health and wellness boost, our therapies provide essential vitamins and minerals to help you maintain peak performance and well-being.

Hydration Therapy: Quickly rehydrate your body, a lifesaver for the hot and tropical Bali weather.

Bali Belly Treatment: Don't let an upset stomach ruin your Bali experience. Our skilled medical team will assist you in rapidly recovering, ensuring you enjoy the rest of your journey.

How It Works

Once you book an appointment for yourself, a loved one, or a group of people, we'll do our best to start every appointment promptly. If you're coming into one of our clinics in Bali, we'll lead you to your treatment room. If we're coming to you, we arrive with all of our tools, ready to provide you with relief. Our medical professionals have years of experience administering our IVs in homes all around Bali, so they'll make sure you feel comfortable throughout your treatment.

Rest assured, your comfort, health, and well-being are at the core of our service. Whether you're recovering from a night out, looking for a wellness boost, or need relief from Bali Belly, Hangover Lounge Bali is your partner in feeling your absolute best. Choose us, and let every treatment be a step towards ensuring your time in Bali remains an unforgettable and vibrant adventure. Your Bali experience just got even better.

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The Science Behind It All

"Aren't hangovers just dehydration?" Hangovers are way more than dehydration... Hangovers are caused by three main factors, these are:

1. Oxidative stress - This is caused by free radicals. Most people have heard of those. What is the solution to oxidative stress? Essential vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin E! Drinking alcohol results in the creation of free radicals in your body. These imbalanced molecules attack your body at the cellular level, robbing other molecules of electrons and setting off a chain reaction. Essential vitamins do more than simply fight free radicals on their own. They also have the ability to regenerate other vitamins, such as vitamins C and E. After these vitamins neutralize free radicals, they become unstable radicals themselves. Essential vitamins help recycle these unstable molecules, returning them to active duty.

2. Inflammation - We are all pretty familiar with this. Very similar to a bruises & headaches etc. Advil/Ibuprofen is the best solution for this. Inflammation is part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli such as trauma, toxins, or other causes. Alcohol is a toxin. It results in redness, swelling and tissue sensitivity. Much of the inflammation with hangovers occurs in the brain, so the swelling and tissue sensitivity become real problems. This is why all our treatments contain IV anti-inflammatory pain killers.

3. Dehydration - Yes, dehydration does play a role! Mainly due to the fact that when you are dehydrated all the nasty inflammatory compounds, free radicals and other 'stuff' have a higher concentration. This makes you feel worse, that’s the reason for the IV hydration in all of our packages.