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Frequently Asked Questions
IV therapy offers numerous benefits, including rapid rehydration, improved nutrient absorption, increased energy levels, enhanced immune support, relief from hangover symptoms, and overall well-being.
Yes, IV therapy can be tailored to address various health concerns. It's effective for conditions like fatigue, dehydration, migraines, jet lag, vitamin deficiencies, and even recovery after strenuous physical activities.
The frequency of IV therapy treatments depends on your individual needs and health goals. Some clients choose to receive treatments weekly for ongoing wellness, while others opt for occasional treatments for specific purposes like recovery from illness or jet lag.
IV therapy is generally safe for adults of all ages. However, minors may require parental consent and should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. We recommend consulting with our medical professionals for guidance in such cases.
IV therapy delivers nutrients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for faster and more effective absorption. This makes it a preferred choice for individuals with digestive issues or those seeking immediate relief and enhanced results.
Absolutely! IV therapy is an excellent solution for dehydration caused by various factors, including physical exertion, heat exposure, or illnesses like Bali Belly.
Yes, many travelers find IV therapy helpful for staying hydrated, boosting energy levels, and recovering from the effects of long flights or indulgent vacations. It's an excellent way to ensure you enjoy your time in Bali to the fullest.
It's a good idea to eat a light meal and drink water before your appointment to ensure you're adequately hydrated. Additionally, be prepared to fill out a health history form to assist our medical professionals in assessing your needs.

Patient safety is our top priority. Before commencing any IVs, patients undergo a routine health checkup, including monitoring vital signs such as blood pressure and temperature by our nationally licensed nurses. Additionally, a comprehensive health history form is required. These measures are in place to identify any potential contraindications or health concerns, ensuring your safety throughout your Hangover Lounge Bali experience.

Individuals with heart disease or kidney disease should not receive IVs without prior approval from a doctor. Special considerations are also necessary for diabetics. Our team checks your vitals and reviews your health history to assess any medical red flags before treatment.
Getting an IV at Hangover Lounge Bali is generally less painful than most vaccinations. You might feel a slight pinch when the needle is inserted (usually in the inner arm veins, which have fewer nerves), but the sterile soft plastic cannula used should minimize discomfort once in place.

Treatment duration depends on the specific IV therapy you choose. On average:

500ml vitamin drips take approximately 25 to 30 minutes.

1000ml bags typically require around 60 minutes for safe absorption.

Our mobile IV therapy specialists are registered nurses with extensive training in administering IV treatments. If you require a medical diagnosis, you will be seen by one of our talented in-house doctors. Our team operates under the supervision of a medical doctor and a board-certified medical practitioner.
At Hangover Lounge Bali, we offer the convenience of multiple payment options. You can settle your payment using either cash or credit cards, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process.